Mohmand tribes Jirga assure support for peace

Mohmand tribes Jirga assure support for peace

MOHMAND AGENCY: (APP) Tribal elders of 50 different clans of Mohmand Agency on Friday assured support to the government and political administration in maintaining writ of the government, peace and order.

In a Jirga held here with political administration, they said the tribal militia would take action against those who would be found guilty of unrest in the area, adding the government should also have to ensure conducive law and order situation so that the displace persons could return home.

The tribal elders said they would protect their own villages and areas against any criminal or anti state activities and would take action in collaboration with political administration and security forces.

They told that villages on border areas are free from anti state elements, however disputes among the local clans sometimes create untoward situation, suggesting that political administration should have to take action them.

The elder said peace and order is established in villages on border areas and whole all the tribes are united to see prosperity and development in their respective areas. They said that hundreds of families Mohmand tribes are still residing in Punjab and Peshawar as their houses have been destroyed and poor people cannot afford to rebuild the structure.

Speaking on the occasion, Assistant Political Agency Pir Abdullah Shah said the political administration would take every possible step to facilitate displace families in resettlement however the tribal elders would have to take responsibility to ensure peace in their areas.

He appealed the displaced families to come back to their native towns and assured that political administration would provide full security to the displaced families.

Later, it was decided that a grand Jirga of all tribal elders and notables would be convened after Eid to take various important decisions for maintaining peace and carrying out development activities.