Heart attacks not connected to family history: New Research Study 

Heart attacks not connected to family history: New Research Study 

ISLAMABAD: (APP) Researchers have found that heart attacks are not as connected to family history and genetics as may have been previously believed.

Lifestyle choices and environment decides whether one will have a heart attack or not, not the genes, reported BBC Health.

These new findings may help those with a family history of coronary disease and diagnosed with narrow coronaries realise that heart attacks are not inevitable.

Because coronary disease and heart attacks are so closely related, researchers in the past have assumed they're the same thing.

Researchers said that people used to think that if someone had coronary disease, they ould eventually have a heart attack.

This finding may help people realise that, through their choices, they have greater control over whether they ultimately have a heart attack.

The researchers studied patients with different severities of coronary disease who had or had not suffered a heart attack.

The patients were identified by linking 700,000 patients which contains 23 million individuals within extended family pedigrees.

While severe coronary artery disease can be inherited, the presence of heart attacks in people with less severe coronary disease was not clustered in families, the findings showed.