PTDC unique initiative of Tourism Friends Club

PTDC unique initiative of Tourism Friends Club

ISLAMABAD (APP): Pakistan Tourism Development Corporation (PTDC) has introduced a Tourism Friends Club to promote tourism activities and to provide better tourist facilities at affordable rates to its members.

"The national and international citizen who can prove his or her identity are entitled to apply for membership subject to the conditions determined by PTDC from time to time," an official of PTDC told APP.

He said that interested person can submit his or her application form duly filled, alongwith deposit slip and two latest passport size photographs and copy of valid National Identity Card.

"PTDC is giving special discount to club members in addition to any other discount being offered by PTDC, provided that total discount does not exceed 40% of the original rates," he said.

He said that the membership Card will be valid for a period of one year from the date of issue. The membership has to be renewed on annual basis within three months of its expiry.

The Club members would avail 20 per cent discount on accommodation of room at all Motels owned and managed by PTDC within the country.

Card holder will also be given representation in the Advisory Committee and Management Committee constituted by the PTDC to invite proposals, suggestions to improve service conditions of Hotels,Motels and food quality of PTDC.

On continuous membership for 03 years or use of card at least thrice (3) times, the member would be entitled to one room for 02 night 100% free excluding tax.

Card holder will be given priority in all PTDC Hotels and Motels.

Card holder will be extended complimentary invitations to any special event organized by PTDC within the country.

Member shall be entitled to 20% discount on bus services and transport hired through NATCO.

Training of the tourist guides (male and female) will be arranged and they will be awarded certificates so that card holders may avail their services if required on payment.

Membership Form can be downloaded from PTDC website.