Haqqani Madrasa Funding: CM KPK reacts on the issue


PESHAWAR: (APP) Chief Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Pervez Khattak said the grant, provincial government was giving to the Haqqani Madrasa was aimed at mainstreaming and reforming the system of education in Deeni Madaris of the province.

He termed the voices against the provincial government's noble intention as misplaced and propaganda of those elements who actually were responsible for Talibinization in the country.

He was talking to a group of journalists who gathered to question the Chief Minister on different issues after a joint press conference of the Chairman PTI Imran Khan and Chief Minister Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Pervez Khattak at Islamabad Monday.

To a question about the Khyber Bank, the Chief Minister said the enquiry committee found nothing against the provincial minister for finance and soon the report will be made public.

The Chief Minister regarding the Afghan Refugees issues said as long as their stay in KP, they will continue to be yours guests. He had taken this issue with the federal government because it falls at central level. However his government wanted this issue to be resolved amicably and the afghan refugee would be returned back to their country with dignity and honour.

Regarding the power generation projects, Pervez Khattak said the province had limited resources but within these limited resources, his government was going all out for different net hydel projects in the province that would produce 900MW electricity.

In addition, the provincial government was all set to sign four hydel power projects with Frontier Works Organization, three in Chitral and one in Balakot that will produce 600MW electricity in the province. However, he added that earlier the private sector was shy because of the inappropriate law & order situation. Now the situation had improved considerably and private sector was showing interest to invest not only in hydel power generation but in other sector as well.

Pervez Khattak said his government had established an intelligence gathering outfit in the province so that miscreants and terrorism related activities could be effectively handled by the police.