Another big breakthrough between Israel and UAE

Another big breakthrough between Israel and UAE

ABU DHABI: Four months after it signed a normalisation deal with the Jewish State, the United Arab Emirates gave approval for an embassy to be sent up in Israel.

"The government approves the creation of the embassy of the United Arab Emirates to Tel Aviv, in the state of Israel," it announced on Twitter.

The UAE, along with Bahrain, signed a US-brokered deal in September to normalise relations with the Jewish state.

The agreements, known as the "Abraham Accords", shattered a longstanding Arab consensus that there should be no normalisation with Israel until it reaches a comprehensive peace deal with the Palestinians.

The Palestinians condemned the agreements as a "stab in the back".

Earlier this month, Sudan also signed the accords, becoming the third Arab country to do so and the fourth to normalise diplomatic relations with the Jewish state in as many months.

Morocco also normalised ties with Israel in December, in a diplomatic quid pro quo that saw Washington back Moroccan rule over the disputed Western Sahara region.

Until last year, only Egypt, in 1979, and Jordan, in 1994, had normalised ties with Israel. Pakistan's stance on ties with Israel

In December, following Minister for Foreign Affairs Shah Mahmood Qureshi's visit to the UAE, he said the Emirati leadership apprised him of their position during his visit.

He said he in turn apprised the Emirati leadership of Pakistan's position on Israel and stressed that Islamabad will not recognise Tel Aviv until the Palestine issue is resolved.

Qureshi denied any pressure on Pakistan to recognise Israel. APP/AFP