US should not remain in strategic miscalculation on Pakistan

US should not remain in strategic miscalculation on Pakistan

ISLAMABAD- Yet another drone strike on a refugee camp in Pakistan by US reveals that US is asking Pakistan to shoot down its drone and give US an excuse to hit Pakistan.

US could have given Pakistan the intelligence information and Pakistan could have eliminated the terrorists on its soil but instead US again went for drone strike just to hit Pakistan on its sovereignty. Pakistan is very much capable of shooting down its drone and US should not test Pakistan patience.

Confronting US is not Pakistan’s desire and neither it may prove good for Pakistan but given no choice and pushing to the extreme corner a tipping point may come sooner than thought.

US should not miscalculate the outcome as its neither Syria, Iraq or Afghanistan.

However bringing the tipping point earlier may be the US Generals strategy for Pakistan.

“The drone attack in Pakistan is a clear violation of international border. The United States has been using drone since long, but enough is enough.

The target accuracy of drone strikes is also not very good and precise. Thousands of innocent civilians have been killed in drone strikes inside Pakistan.

Pakistan has always been a good ally of the US in the war on terror but such acts of drone strikes without taking Pakistan's prior consent is a violation of country's sovereignty.

Drone attacks must be stopped immediately. The current government is dealing with the US administration wisely.

Pakistan has expressed its willingness to extend counter terrorism cooperation to the US, but any US drone strike in the territory of Pakistan is unacceptable.”