Christian community celebrating Christmas today

Christian community celebrating Christmas today

ISLAMABAD: The Christian community is celebrating Christmas today to mark the birth anniversary of Jesus Christ (AS) amid festivity and religious fervor today (Monday).


Members of Christian community are visiting churches today to attend the prayer sermons. All big and small churches have worn a festive look to celebrate the blessed day of the birth of Jesus Christ. Candlelit ceremonies were also held at several churches.


The celebrations have begun from special midnight services at Christmas Eve late Sunday night while the Christmas day services are being held today led by the bishops and the respective hierarchy of the Christian clergy at their respective churches.


People have also decorated churches with colorful lights, Christmas trees, balloons, greeting cards and other several items of decoration.

Members of Christian community have also decorated their homes and also set the menu of scrumptious and delicious food items, which would be served to guests and neighbors but after attending the prayer ceremonies.