Nawaz Sharif lashes out at SC Judges over faulty Panama case decision

Nawaz Sharif lashes out at SC Judges over faulty Panama case decision

Addressing lawyers convention in provincial capital, the deposed premier Nawaz Sharif raised questions, raising suspicions about the verdict claiming that the judgment was based on ‘faulty legal grounds’.

Nawaz Sharif, who showed up at the convention, was welcomed by bevy of lawyers who had gathered to express solidarity with one of their fellows, Sher Zaman Qureshi, against whom non-bailable arrest warrants were issued by Chief Justice Lahore High Court Mansoor Ali Shah.

The former premier inquired that how could the two judges, who disqualified him, in their dissenting notes on April 20, be a part of the five-member bench that disqualified him on July 28.

‘Were two judges, who did not go though the JIT report qualified to pass the Panama case verdict’ he asked and wondered whether the top court formulated any such JIT for investigations.

‘Did it ever happen that investigators were selected through a WhatsApp call’ he said and added that the core objective was to create an environment of confrontation.

He contended that his name was not mentioned in the Panama Papers and the top court initially termed the petitions ‘frivolous’ in this regard.

Sharif claimed that he was fighting the case of democracy and masses before a bigger court. ‘The purpose of my struggle is to change the fate of 200 million people’ he vowed.