Mumtaz Bhutto to merge party with PTI

Mumtaz Bhutto to merge party with PTI

Mumtaz Bhutto would soon merge the political party with Imran Khan-led PTI . Arif Alvi addressed a joint press conference in Sukkur with another senior leader of PTI Liaquat Jatoi at his residence.

Alvi laid bare that first cousin of late Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, Mumtaz Bhutto was offered to merge his political front in PTI . He is hopeful that Bhutto would accept the offer and join PTI .

While addressing the media conference, Alvi said that Sukkur is a PPP stronghold which is why the infrastructure and condition of facilities are disappointing. 

He claimed that PTI would form government in Sindh after General Elections 2018 and corrupt leaders should stand warned.

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