India is becoming subordinate to US in name of strategic ties: Indian CPI-M

India is becoming subordinate to US in name of strategic ties: Indian CPI-M

India is getting into a deeper strategic embrace with the US, the CPI-M has alleged that this will prove to be a serious threat to India's sovereignty and independence.

"The subordination of India's military and strategic resources to the US is a serious threat to the country's sovereignty and independence," an editorial in the CPI-M journal People's Democracy said. 

"It appears (Prime Minister) Narendra Modi will do his utmost to endear himself to the Trump establishment," the editorial said.

The editorial said it was reported that US Defence Secretary General James Mattis was expected to visit India later this year. "The plan is to inaugurate the logistics exchange agreement (LEMOA) by refuelling and servicing the air force plane which will bring him to India. LEMOA is an agreement which facilitates the use of Indian bases by American war planes and naval ships. 

"The growing military entanglement with the US comes in the background of the continuing stand-off with China on the Doklam Plateau. The US realises that this is an opportune time to further draw in India into its strategic net. 

"The US is pressing India to broaden the annual Malabar exercises by including Australia. This would make it a quadrilateral exercise involving the two closest allies of the US - Japan and Australia - apart from India.

"The Modi government has also taken steps to open up defence production in India to the US arms companies with its decision to open up all key sectors of weapons production to Indian corporate and foreign multinational companies," it said.