Imran Khan hits hard at Asif Zardari in PTI Sukkur Jalsa

Imran Khan hits hard at Asif Zardari in PTI Sukkur Jalsa
Imran Khan while addressing a huge rally at Sukkhur paid tribute to the crowd and praised them for showing up in huge numbers despite the sweltering heat.

"The pharoahs of today are the reason you are suffering, people of Sukkur," said Imran. "21 years ago, the people of Sindh were well off than they are now today," he added.

Imran said that he had been caught up for the last year-and-a-half in the Panama Papers case hence he could not visit Sindh.

"Now, I will pay a visit to each and every city of Sindh," he said.

Imran slammed former president Asif Ali Zardari, saying that he had lied to the nation regarding the Surrey Palace issue.

"Very soon, another pharoah in Sindh will ask why he was dismissed," said Imran. "Zardari said in assembly that Surrey Palace was not owned by him," he added.

Imran said that Zardari had not indulged in as much corruption as Nawaz Sharif but nonetheless he had lied about Surrey Palace.

Imran Khan also criticised former prime minister Nawaz Sharif, stating that the PML-N chief had not uttered one single word against Donald Trump, after the American president had made an incendiary speech against Pakistan.