Initial investigation of KP CTD police station blasts revealed

Initial investigation of KP CTD police station blasts revealed

PESHAWAR – The initial investigations by law enforcement agencies have revealed that twin blasts link at a Counter Terrorism Department (CTD) police station occurred due to a short circuit in the ammunition depot.

The preliminary report by investigators suggests that no evidence was found that shows the presence of any attacker or IED device. It flagged a short circuit as the apparent reason that sparked a blaze in the armoury.

Deputy Inspector General of Police Khalid Sohail also pointed out negligence that caused 16 precious lives. He said the unfortunate incident took occurred in the old office of the CTD, ruling out the possibility that the explosions were suicide attacks – as reported by local media outlets.

He mentioned that a large number of weapons were in the armory, and investigators believe that there might have been some explosion in it due to some negligence.

As the probe is underway, an operation is started to remove the debris as nearby buildings collapsed after the blast. On the other hand, the death tally has soared to 12 mostly policemen while nearly a dozen injured are in critical condition, per reports.