Former wife of Imran Khan makes new claims

Former wife of Imran Khan makes new claims

LAHORE – The ex-wife of former prime minister Imran Khan believes that the PTI leader has had a hair transplant.

Reham Khan stated in an interview that she had discovered paperwork proving Imran Khan had a hair transplant while cleaning the house while she was still married to Khan.

She claimed Imran Khan has more hair now than he had in 1990, but he is concealing a hair transplant and is unsure of his motivation.

"I once noticed him massaging his head in an odd manner, and I subsequently learned that's how you should rub your head after reading that document."

Reham Khan was married to the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chairman on 6 January 2015, before they divorced on 30 October 2015.