Panama Leaks issue resolved with national consultation: Farooq Sattar


ISLAMABAD: MQM senior leader Farooq Sattar said that Panama leaks issue should be resolved with national consultation while everyone should be held accountable without any discrimination.

As per details, MQM delegation led by Farooq Sattar called on opposition leader Khurshid Shah and Aitzaz Ahsan here at today in Islamabad to discuss the issue of Panama Leaks,

While addressing the press conference after the meeting, Farooq Sattar said that we expressed our concerns before PPP delegation and put their attention also on MQM matters.

We want eradication of unrest and crimes but our workers have been missing since March while 170 workers have been missed forcefully, Sattar said, stating that it is the violation of human rights so political parties should also pay attention on our affairs.

He added that Panama Leaks issue also came under discussion in the meeting while national consultation process should be started as soon as possible to resolve the issue.

Revelations of Panama Leaks are very important so government should consult with opposition for finalizing TORs of commission; Sattar stressed adding that to avoid political instability government would have to take serious steps.