Imran Khan takes PML-N government head on at home ground Lahore


ISLAMABAD, Apr 24 (APP): Chairman, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI)  Imran Khan Sunday said his party would start a massive campaign against corruption from April, 26.

Addressing a rally held to commemorate 20th anniversary of  PTI, he said the anti-corruption campaign would commence from Sindh province.

He said PTI wanted across the board accountability under an international audit company.

The epicenter of the country's problems is the people, who are involved in tax evasion.

He announced holding another such rally in Lahore next week for announcing new course of action.

He said the Holy Prophet, Muhammed (PBUH) lifted the morale of his people by teaching them great values

He said the second phase of his struggle was to make PTI as an institution.

He said transparent elections were imperative for strengthening democracy in the country.