Tayyip Erdogan emerge as the new hero of the Kashmir Cause in the World

Tayyip Erdogan emerge as the new hero of the Kashmir Cause in the World

Dr. A. Z. Hilali said The towering statement from the Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan at UNGA is a diplomatic victory of Pakistan. The Indian diplomacy has failed on Kashmir dispute. India is unable to convince the international community that Kashmir is its internal affair.

The issue of Kashmir must be resolved through dialogue and the relevant UNSC resolutions. Kashmir is a nuclear flashpoint between India and Pakistan and any confrontation between the two can bring catastrophic consequences for the entire region.

The people of Kashmir are looking towards great world powers in anticipation of the end of their plight. The suppression and killing of innocent Kashmiris to stifle their voice cannot deter them from their just demand of right to self-determination.

Pakistan is grateful to Turkish president for supporting Pakistan's stance on Kashmir at the international front. It is high time to take collective action against Indian atrocities in the held valley. I salute to Erdogan's courage for raising the Kashmir issue at UNGA. Kashmir is the victim of collective wisdom.

The international community has failed to stand with the people of Kashmir against Indian atrocities. It is responsibility of the world powers to raise their voice against the worst human rights violations committed by Indian troops in IIOJ&K.

Asif Durrani (Former Ambassador): It is appreciable that Turkey has always supported Pakistan's stance regarding Kashmir at the international front. It is a fact that India has illegally occupied Kashmir and is committing state terrorism in IIOJ&K. Both Turkey and Malaysia have openly raised voices against Indian brutalities in IIOJ&K.

Pakistan has successfully internationalized the Kashmir issue and exposed India at the international arena. Islamabad has always desired a peaceful solution to the Kashmir issue. We are ready to endorse any initiative taken for the resolution of Kashmir issue.

It is responsibility of the United Nations to intervene and resolve the Kashmir dispute in accordance with the UN resolutions. The western powers are silent on the Kashmir issue due to their economic and strategic interests in India.