New startling revelations surface in late Dr Maha Shah murder case

New startling revelations surface in late Dr Maha Shah murder case

Turns out Syed Asif Ali Shah, the father of Dr. Maha Ali, may have been right about a drug ring being involved in the death of his daughter. Police found a lead on an online drug delivery network in Karachi amid the investigation surrounding the Instagram model’s mysterious death.

According to Geo News link-, this notorious drug ring operates from Lahore. The network deals in ice, crystal, hashish, and other drugs that are sent to Karachi from Lahore. Two suspects from the gang have also been arrested. ------------------------------

Word is the drug ring’s mastermind is an influential woman among Lahori elitists. This member of Lahore’s influential circle obtains drug orders through social media and then supplies them to her operation in Karachi.

Sub-Superintendant of Police (SSP) Investigation South, Bashir Ahmed Brohi said they uncovered an online drug operation supplying to Karachi’s elite areas while investigating Dr. Maha Shah’s suicide case.

According to Bashir Brohi, young boys and girls addicted to ice, crystal, and other drugs place orders on social media networks, much like ordering food, and other items online.

He revealed that Maha sent an order to a woman in Lahore from another social media account.

The Lahori woman then sent the supply to her network in Karachi. The delivery is then made within 30 to 40 minutes at any time in any area of ​​Karachi. Payments are in cash on delivery.