Hefty traffic fines to be imposed in Punjab: Report

Hefty traffic fines to be imposed in Punjab: Report

*LAHORE - Punjab traffic police authorities have proposed huge increase in fine for traffic rules violators.*

Atleast 6000 traffic violations are witnessed in Lahore almost on daily basis, and “such violations cause slow traffic, blockage of roads, and accidents. Hence enhancement of penalty/fine can help restrain people from such violations.

He suggested that penalty for motorcycle violators be increased from current Rs 200 to Rs 2000, while fine for drivers of cars/jeeps be enhanced from Rs 500 to whooping Rs 10,000.

[image: Lahore police traffic violation] link deputy IG has sent his recommendation to the capital city police officer of Lahore for approval.

On Sep 12, the Lahore High Court had directed traffic police to take stern action against underage drivers and seek undertaking from their parents before releasing the violators.

Justice Ali Akbar Qureshi directed the police to take action against parents of the underage drivers in case of repeated violations.