WhatsApp launches new feature for users across the World

WhatsApp launches new feature for users across the World

Those who miss the first major social network to reach the world can already celebrate: a new function link on WhatsApp link only Orkut link had arrived.

The application is working on a feature called “Community”, which promises to be similar to what existed on the most beloved social network in Brazil.

The novelty was discovered by XDA-Developers, while rummaging through the beta version of the messenger, and confirmed by WABetaInfo.

*New function link on WhatsApp link that only Orkut link had before*

There are still few specifics about the functionality, but one thing is certain: it will be different from the groups. Despite this, some similarities have already been detected.

For example, communities must also have a system of invitations by link or QR Code so that other people can also join and participate.

“Anyone with WhatsApp link can follow this link to join this community. Just share it with people you trust,” says an excerpt from a message found by XDA-Developers in the beta version.

*More details*

Another common point is that the new role will also have administrators, who will have the power of moderation. In addition, they will be in charge of changing the names, description and rules of the communities. Expectations are high!

But it is worth remembering that the feature is still in the initial stage of development and, for now, in the testing phase and limited to only those who have WhatsApp link Beta downloaded.

To be beta on Android, you need to search for the app on Google Play with the term “WhatsApp Beta” next to it. On iOS, you have to have the app first Test Flight installed.–playcrazygame.com