State of the Art military satellite launched

State of the Art military satellite launched

France link has successfully launched a state-of-the-art satellite link into orbit, designed to allow all of France link armed forces across the globe to communicate swiftly and securely.

Paris created a space force command in July 2019, amongst concerns that rival countries were heavily investing in space technology, seen as a new military link frontier.

The satellite link "is designed to resist military link aggression from the ground and in space, as well as interference," French air and space force spokesman Colonel Stephane Spet told AFP.

The Ariane 5 rocket carrying the Syracuse 4A satellite link took off from Kourou, in French Guiana late Saturday, with the mission accomplished 38 minutes and 41 seconds after takeoff.

The satellite link can survey its close surroundings and move itself to escape an attack.

"Thanks to its state-of-the-art equipment (anti-jamming antenna and digital transparent processor on board), Syracuse 4A will guarantee a high resistance to extreme jamming methods," launch provider Arianespace wrote in its mission description.

Marc Finaud, an expert in weapons proliferation at the Geneva Centre for Security Policy, told AFP the satellite link also protected against the electro-magnetic pulses which would result from a nuclear explosion.

"This is the final warning scenario, if deterrence fails," he added.

In March France link began its first military link in space to test its ability to defend its satellites, calling them "a first for the French army and even a first in Europe".

The French government accuses Russia of having brought its intelligence-gathering satellite link Olymp-K, also known as Louch, into close proximity of the French-Italian military link link Athena-Fidus in 2017, in what Defence Minister Florence Parly called "an act of espionage".

Last year, the US claimed that Russia had conducted a non-destructive anti-satellite weapons test from space.

In March French President Emmanuel Macron's office said there had been other similar incidents since, but gave no details.

Investments in France link space programme are set to reach 4.3 billion euros ($5 billion) over the 2019-2025 budget period -- although that is a fraction of the amount spent by the United States or China. -APP/AFP