Salman Khan’s advice to youngsters for becoming a star

Salman Khan’s advice to youngsters for becoming a star

Salman Khan has enjoyed superstardom for decades and his movies receive massive footfall in the theatres. But, does the actor worry about OTT bringing an end to the era of stars? Salman recently revealed his thoughts on the topic and said that it will never go away. *ERA OF STARS WILL ALWAYS BE THERE: SALMAN KHAN*

Salman Khan’s Antim will hit the theatres on November 26 link. In a recent media interaction, the actor weighed in on the debate about OTT’s impact on superstardom enjoyed by Bollywood celebrities. He also gave some advice to the younger generation.

Salman said, “We will go, somebody else will come up. I don’t think that era of stars will go. It will never go. It will always be there. It now depends on a lot of things, selection of movies, what you are in real life, and more. It’s a whole package of things. This younger generation will have their superstardom. I have been hearing this for the last four generations that this is the last generation of stars.’” *SALMAN ASKS YOUNGER GENERATION TO WORK HARD, SAYS 50 PLUS HUM MEIN MEHNAT KAR RAHE HAIN*

Salman Khan made it clear that he and other superstars won’t make it easy for the younger generation of actors as they are still working hard in their 50s. “We will not leave it for the younger generation to take it easy. We will not hand it over to them. ‘Mehnat karo bhai, pachas plus me mehnat kar hi rahe hain, toh aap bhi mehnat karo (work hard, we are working hard at the age of 50+, you should also work hard),” he said.

Directed by Mahesh Manjrekar, Antim stars Salman Khan’s brother-in-law Aayush Sharma in a lead role too.

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