Bangladesh Armed Forces Day celebrated in Pakistan

Bangladesh Armed Forces Day celebrated in Pakistan

ISLAMABAD: Defence Wing of Bangladesh High Commission organized a reception to mark the 46th anniversary of the Armed Forces Day of Bangladesh in a local hotel to celebrated here with festivity and due solemnity, an announcement of the Bangladesh High Commission announcement said here Thursday.

In his welcome address, Defence Advisor of Bangladesh High Commission Brigadier GeneralKhondaker Shafiur Rahman apprised the guests of the significance of the Day of Bangladesh. Hesaid that, on this day, during the War of Liberation, Armed Forces of Bangladesh was formedand organized.

With profound respect and honour, he remembered Father of the NationBangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman who laid a strong foundation of defence services to buildArmed Forces imbibed with patriotism and professionalism.

Defence Advisor further said that, under the dynamic leadership of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, Bangladesh Armed Forces has achieved a remarkable development and progress. Armed Forces has turned into a symbol of dependence for the people of Bangladesh and a runner in establishing peace across the world, he added

High Commissioner Tarik Ahsan, in his speech, extended felicitations to all members of ArmedForces of Bangladesh. He paid homage to the members of Bangladesh Armed Forces who madesupreme sacrifice in defending the motherland since the War of Liberation.

He maintained thatthe modernization and expansion schemes of Bangladesh Armed Forces that were initiated bythe Father of Nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman soon after the liberation havereceived a renewed momentum in recent years under the leadership of the Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina.

The High Commissioner remarked that the conduct of Bangladesh Armed Forces has also undergone a transformation towards professionalism, sophistication, and adherence to democratic and progressive values. He cited the increased recruitment of female members, contribution to humanitarian aid and assistance to civil institutions, and leading role in UN peacekeeping missions as some of the achievements that earned Bangladesh Armed Forces respect from home and abroad.

Following the speeches, a beautifully decorated Armed Forces Day cake was cut jointly by theDean of the diplomatic core, High Commissioner of Bangladesh, High Commissioners andAmbassadors of SAARC countries and Iran, and Defence Advisor of Bangladesh.

Quite a number of Ambassadors, High Commissioners, Defence Advisors of different missionsin Islamabad, high civil and military officials, local dignitaries, members of Bangladeshcommunity and officials of Bangladesh High Commission attended the reception.