Salary of President of Pakistan increased drastically

Salary of President of Pakistan increased drastically

ISLAMABAD - In a meeting of the federal cabinet, chaired by Prime Minister Shahid Khaqan Abbasi at the PM House on Tuesday, it was decided that the salary of president of Pakistan would be increased by Rs766,550.

According to the summary, the president's salary shall stand at Rs846,550, a rupee higher than the salary of the chief justice of Pakistan.

For this revision to take effect, an amendment in Section 3 of the President's Salary, Allowances and Privileges Act 1975 will be made. Also, a section will be inserted for the salary to see a yearly increase corresponding to the increase in inflation.

The newly-fixed salary would mean that the president will be paid higher than any public functionary of the government of Pakistan, the summary reveals.

The last time the president's salary was fixed was in 2004 when it was appropriated at Rs80,000.

A bill has been readied for the Parliament's approval to reflect the increase in salary of the head of state in the 1975 Act. The amendment will be composed of changes in the salary, allowance and privileges.