Bio Tech Lab Joint Venture of Pak-China

Bio Tech Lab Joint Venture of Pak-China

MULTAN, May 24 (APP):  Bio Tech Lab Joint Venture of Pak-China


Director Cotton Research Station Dr. Sagheer Ahmed said that work on establishment of Bio-Tech lab with cooperation of China was in progress.


The establishment of Bio Tech lab in Multan was also included in list of different projects being launched under China Pak Economic Corridor (CPEC) project.


While talking to APP, he informed that Punjab government had given approval for setting up the lab at Cotton Research Station (CRS) in Multan.


He maintained that ministries of Science and Technology of the both countries were working on this project.


Pakistan had submitted feasibility report to Chinese ministry of science and technology . The work on the lab would begin after approval of the report from Chinese ministry.


Last year, Chinese Ambassador to Pakistan Sun Weidong had visited Cotton Research Station Multan to inspect the proposed site for establishment of a bio-tech research laboratory under the joint venture to strengthen agriculture and technology ties between the both countries.


Explaining the benefits of the Bio Tech lab, the Director Cotton Research Station (CRS) stated that it would help promote advance technology instead of conventional technology in the country.


We will avail benefit from latest expertise, and training of agriculture scientists free of cost in the country.


Similarly, the cooperation between the both countries would open new avenues for research in other crops including vegetables, rice and others also. The lab would generate employment opportunities for experts and others. Country's cotton sector would surely flourish by dint of the lab.


Dr Sagheer observed that there was immense decline in cotton production which hit not only farming community but also affected country's economy. The lab would be good addition to lead the country towards progress and prosperity.


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