WWF-Pakistan to celebrate Earth Hour across Pakistan

WWF-Pakistan to celebrate Earth Hour across Pakistan

ISLAMABAD: (APP) This Saturday, on March 25, people in 7,000 cities across the globe will switch off their lights from 8:30-9:30pm to mark Earth Hour 2017.

People will turn non-essential lights to participate in World Wildlife Fund's (WWF) global campaign to show their commitment to the planet. Earth Hour 2017 asks to go dark for a bright future.

When we will turn off all the non-essential lights this Saturday, our aim should be to educate ourselves, our friends, family and the people all around us to save our planet for our brighter future. While going dark, we should need to take strong steps to reduce the environmental issues and keep our planet green and make it better place for our next generations.

The Earth Hour movement was started by World Wildlife Foundation in Sydney, Australia ten years ago. This year earth hour is more important than ever before.

WWF Pakistan is also preparing for this earth hour on Saturday. WWF-Pakistan will celebrate Earth Hour on March 25 in Lahore (Emporium Mall), Karachi (Frere Hall), Islamabad (National Assembly) and Sukkur (WWF's field office).

This year WWF had given some guidelines that how should we participate to save earth. These guidelines are switch off extra lights; plant indigenous trees and say no to plastic bags etc.

The digital media campaign was also being started by March 15, which seeks to highlight the importance of climate change awareness in Pakistan.

WWF had also appointed individual members, good will ambassadors to make this campaign more effective.