John Kerry arrives in Moscow to discuss Syria with his counterpart 

John Kerry arrives in Moscow to discuss Syria with his counterpart 
MOSCOW : US Secretary of State John Kerry arrived in Moscow where he had met with his Russian counterpart and discussed the ways to end the Syria’s civil war .


Kerry said “I know many people are very hopeful, Sergie, that these meetings here in Moscow today have an ability to be able to further define and chart the road ahead so that we can bring this conflict in Syria to a close as early as possible.”


Sergie Lavrov said “The bulk of our attention will be attached to the discussion of our cooperation on the international arena, especially the Syrian question.”


US State Department claimed that there is only one person who can make it possible, referring towards Russian President Vladimir Putin .


Earlier, a western news agency also claimed that Putin can end the Syria war by making a one phone call.


Kerry claimed that Syrian conflict has moved towards its end but lot of efforts and humanitarian aid is required to overcome the conflict.


There are also some siege areas in Syria where people are eating grass and tree leaves to survive.


Kerry will also meet with Russian President and discuss the Syrian conflict.


More than 5 years old Syrian civil war has left more than a quarter of million dead and dispersed half of the nation of the country.

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