Iraqi Forces gear up to retake Mosul from ISIS control 

Iraqi Forces gear up to retake Mosul from ISIS control 

BAGHDAD: Iraqi forces gear up to retake one of the 2nd largest city Mosul from ISIS with the name of “Operation Conquest”.


It is claimed that Iraqi forces gathered in town of Makhmur which is 60 miles away from Mosul with 2,000 to 3,000 troops which is not enough to counter ISIS who has captured the city since 2014.


Iraqi Lt. Col Mohammad Al-Wagaa said “We are all trained, qualified, and ready for battle. But this force is not enough to retake Mosul.


Iraqi military has recaptured Ramadi in December which raised their morale but experts claimed that Mosul could be a different kind of effort as compared to Ramadi.


Senior US official said “Mosul is different than Ramadi. It’s a big, big, big city and it is going to take a lot of effort.”


Iraqi forces launched the offensive strike along with US troops and Kurdish Peshmerga group.


US troops will support the operation by launching cyber attacks against IS installations and also launch airstrikes on ISIS.


It is also claimed that Peshmerga has cut of the supply routes to Mosul from three sides.