83 Pakistani Traders stranded at Moscow Airport Deported 

83 Pakistani Traders stranded at Moscow Airport Deported 
MOSCOW: 83 Pakistani traders stranded at Moscow International Airport were deported while dozens are still stranded for the last 20 hours.


These traders travelled from Karachi to Russia but stopped at the airport by immigration authorities for incomplete documentation.


The traders were detained at airport and were advised not to leave airport premises without all legal documents.


These traders are mostly businessmen and belong to electronic market of different cities.


A trader Abdul Mughees reported to media “Our group is kept in congested rooms… we are facing trouble as Russian embassy has failed to dispatch visa details to Moscow.”


Traders claimed that none from Pakistan Embassy in Moscow contacted them and they are kept in inhumane  condition and suffering from hunger and cold weather.


Qazi Khalilullah claimed that Pakistan Embassy in Moscow is negotiating with Russian authorities.


He said “A Pakistan embassy official is at the airport to negotiate with the Russian authorities for the release of these men.”