PTI believes in consensus: Malika Bukhari

PTI believes in consensus: Malika Bukhari

ISLAMABAD-Member of National Assembly, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), Barrister Malika Bukhari said on Wednesday that unlike other political parties PTI believed in  true democratic norms and always encouraged  freedom of speech.

Talking to a private news channel she said  prime minister Imran Khan always encouraged freedom of expression and he believed in consensus in party decisions and cabinet as well.

PTI had proved to masses that it could serve them best than any other political party as it had strengthened the national economy and trade,she claimed.

COVID-19 had created economic  issues  and health  across the world,but wise policies of prime minister Imran Khan had saved the country from severe consequences of lockdown and pandemic simultaneously,she further stated.

Opposition leaders were fanning the minor issues within PTI,which would be solved soon,she mentioned.