Civilised world has rejected Indian narrative on Kashmir: Dr Moeed , july 24, 2020

Civilised world has rejected Indian narrative on Kashmir: Dr Moeed , july 24, 2020

ISLAMABAD-Special Assistant to the Prime Minister on National Security Dr Moeed Yousuf said on Friday that Indian narrative on Kashmir had been rejected by civilised world after unilateral annexation of the state by Modi's government in August last year.

Addressing "Kashmir Under Siege" conference organised by Ministry of Information and Broadcasting here he said that since August 5 last year there was not a single newspaper or news channel in the democratic world which had not called India a fascist power that had unleashed a reign of terror in occupied Jammu and Kashmir.

He said that in the past,  many prominent United Sates and United Kingdom and EU  lawmakers used to follow Indian narrative on Kashmir issue.  He said since August last year, many  houses of the Parliaments in these countries had passed resolutions condemning human rights violations in the IOK which was defeat of Indian narrative.

         Dr Moeed said that Pakistan would continue its moral, diplomatic and political support to Kashmiris' just cause.

He said that human rights violations in the occupied Kashmir were focus of the Pakistani narrative on Kashmir.

         The Indian government  had used the coronavirus situation as a tool to further suppress the hapless Kashmiris, he pointed out.

           He said that during World War 2 , the Nazis were blaming Jews for spread of viral diseases, now exactly in the same manner, Modi regime was blaming Muslims for outbreak of coronavirus.

He said that under UN charter, India was liable to ensure all medical emergency supplies for the pandemic in Kashmir. Moreover India eastbound to allow entry of doctors and paramedics staff in  the held valley, he added.

The special assistant said that India was breaching the UN laws since August 5 last year.  He said India had confrontation with almost all its neighbouring countries which was proof of its belligerence .

Dr Moeed said last year, India  claimed to have conducted surgical strike inside a nuclear neighbour but but it narrative got a drubbing as one of its pilots was arrested by Pakistan after two Indian planes were downed.

He said that after August last year, Indian support  in Occupied Kashmir had vanished and there was not a single Kashmiri who did not hate India.

         One the contrary, Kashmiris love for Pakistan could be judged from the fact that they celebrated Eid ul Fitr with Pakistan, one day ahead of India.

         The special assistant said that things were moving in the directions that India would be forced to grant Kashimis their right to self- determination soon.