Pakistan government issues new travel advisory

Pakistan government issues new travel advisory

ISLAMABAD – The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) of Pakistan on Saturday issued a new travel advisory for some countries in line with the standard operating procedures (SOPs) aimed at curbing the spread of the novel coronavirus pandemic.

The CAA placed the United Kingdom and South Africa in the C Category keeping in view a surge in the number of people infected by a new variant of Covid-19 in these countries.

The authority also removed Zimbabwe from the A Category and put it in the B Category.

Earlier this week, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson said it was probably the new variant of Covid-19 that was infecting people at a greater speed and claiming more lives in Britain.

Johnson’s statement alerted the Pakistan authorities after which the CAA placed Britain in the C Category.

As per the categories, people from countries in the C Category cannot travel to Pakistan. However, Pakistani citizens who are on a temporary visa in the United Kingdom can travel to Pakistan in line with the instructions issued by the CAA.

Currently, 24 countries are placed in the A category and the rest in B Category.