Punjab govt decides not to celebrate basant this year

Punjab govt decides not to celebrate basant this year

Punjab Government has decided not to celebrate basant this year and directions have given by the Senior Minister Abdul Aleem Khan to inform the High Court in this regard.

In a high level meeting chaired by Senior Minister Punjab, it was decided that the Court would be apprised in detail about the facts and apprehensions based upon this decision has been taken.

Abdul Aleem Khan directed that preparations for the next year should be started right now in which registration of stuff sellers may be undertaken and violators should be bring into book as well.

He indicated that if required new legislation can also be made for strict laws for the holding of basant.

He said that four to six months are required for proper preparations of basant in the province and if the relevant institutions work properly.

He said such activities can be held for promotion of soft image of Pakistan which will also boost business activities in the region.