Apple to launch new LED mini for users across the World

Apple to launch new LED mini for users across the World

Rumors around Apple link incorporating mini LED displays on its products have been around since 2020, but the rumored announcement date was pushed to 2021.

According to a report from *DigiTimes*, Apple’s display supplier Ennostar will start mass-producing mini-LED panels for the company by the end of this quarter, meaning March 2021. This lines up with the rumored launch date of the 2021 iPads (11 and 12.9 inches) that are expected in March as well.

The Pro models will reportedly be the first to feature Mini LED displays before being followed by MacBooks later in the year. This may include the upcoming 14 and 16-inch MacBook Pros but it is still uncertain. The company has been interested in introducing this technology to its wearables as well as iPhones.

For those unaware, Mini LED allows micro-sized LED lights to be squeezed into the display panel. The result is improved local dimming zones, better control of lighting and contrast, and improved color accuracy. They not only offer a superior experience compared to traditional LED displays, but they also use less power.

Major manufacturers such as Samsung, LG, and TCL have already introduced the technology in their high-end TVs, but we may finally get to see it in smaller handheld devices as soon as Apple announces its new iPads.