Dr Moeed Yousaf given key post in the PTI government

Dr Moeed Yousaf given key post in the PTI government

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan on Tuesday appointed Dr Moeed Yusuf as the special assistant to the PM on national security division and strategic policy planning.

A notification has also been issued in this regard by the Cabinet Division. His post will be equivalent to a state minister.

On September 26, Dr Moeed Yusuf was appointed as Strategic Policy Planning Cell (SPPC) chairman under the National Security Division (NSD).

The purpose of the cell was to assist the government through research on national issues and draft policy recommendations to meet challenges being faced by the country.

Dr Moeed Yusuf holds a Masters degree in International Relations and did a Ph.D. in Political Science from Boston University.

He has served as the Associate Vice-President at the United States Institute of Peace (USIP). He has been engaged with USIP since 2010.

Before joining USIP, he was a research fellow at the Frederick S Padree Centre for the study of the longer-range future at the Padree School of Global Studies at Boston University’s Political Science Department.