Are Karachi famous sea side restaurants "Do Darya" being closed by authorities?

Are Karachi famous sea side restaurants

KARACHI - Citizens not only from Karachi rather from entire Pakistan were left with shock and awe over the news of closure of famous Karachi sea side restaurants popularly known as "Do Darya".

All the restaurant located at Karachi's Do Darya shoreline along the Arabian Sea are expected to be shut down in June, according to reports circulating on the social media.

People are discussing the reports, and most of them are disappointed with the authorities' reported decision to shut the restaurants down.

Restaurants are being closed since an agreement between the Defence Housing Authority (DHA) and the owners of the restaurants is going to expire.

However this was not the first time Karachiite heard the news about the closure of the strip.

According to an agreement reached between by both the parties, June 7th is the deadline.

A Twitter user from Khyber Paktunkhwa called the reports of the closure of the restaurants as shocking, recalling a trip to the food strip for a dinner with his family members.