US President Donald Trump administration offer to Pakistan


WASHINGTON: The Trump administration's nominated ambassador to Islamabad has offered to facilitate dialogue between the two countries to bring down tensions in the region.

Addressing the Senate confirmation hearing on Tuesday, William Todd said that the US can have a strong relationship with both India and Pakistan. "Our hope is that both countries will take the necessary steps to reduce tensions, and as President Trump has offered, we are prepared to facilitate dialogue if both sides request it," he said, adding that to truly reduce regional tensions, and rebuild a strong relationship with the United States, Pakistan must take sustained and irreversible action against terrorism.

Todd acknowledged that Pakistan has suffered terribly itself at the hands of terrorists and has committed publicly to ensure terrorists cannot use its territory to operate. "Pakistan has taken important steps toward fulfilling that commitment but needs to continue that work," he said.

Vowing to work with Pakistan to advance shared interest in eliminating terrorism from its territory and advancing security in the region, he said that he would actively engage Pakistan on such issues, as well as, "strategic stability and non-proliferation, carrying a clear message on the threat that nuclear weapons pose to the United States, the region, and our allies and partners.

Pakistan needs to demonstrate it is prepared to live up to international commitments on weapons of mass destruction."