Palestinian Authority takes strong action over UAE deal with Israel

Palestinian Authority takes strong action over UAE deal with Israel

RAMALLAH: In a response to the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain normalising their ties with Israel, the Palestinian Authority has formally stepped down from a key role in the Arab League.

Foreign Minister Riyad-al-Maliki stated that the failure of the 22-member regional bloc to condemn member nations, and their “betrayal” of the Palestinian cause, was dishonourable and termed the normalisation of relations as “a regression in values and principles”.

The United Arab Emirates and the Kingdom of Bahrain signed deals in Washington on September 15 link, which despite being hailed as “the dawn of the new Middle East” by the Trump Administration, drew criticism from the Palestinians - seen as a serious blow to their efforts to end illegal Israeli occupation and achieve an independent state.

Palestine was expected to chair the Arab League for the next six months, but Maliki stated yesterday in a press conference link, “Palestine has decided to concede its right to chair the League's council [of foreign ministers] at its current session. There is no honour in seeing Arabs rush towards normalisation during its presidency”.

Earlier this month link, the Palestinian Authority failed to persuade the Arab League to formally condemn member nations for breaking ranks.