Iran to start exports of the Arms industry

Iran to start exports of the Arms industry

Last month, the UN Security Council rejected a draft resolution submitted by the administration of US President Donald Trump to indefinitely extend the UN arms embargo link against Tehran, which expires on 18 October.

Brigadier General Amir Ali Hajizadeh, commander of Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps’ (IRGC) Aerospace Force, has signaled Tehran’s readiness to start selling its weapons, after the termination of a UN arms embargo link against the Islamic republic.

Hajizadeh told reporters on Monday that Iran’s arms program had been not affected by the arms embargo link and that Iran had already “become self-sufficient in the military industry”.

According to the military chief, the expiration of the UN arms embargo link in October indicates a political victory for Iran, particularly as it will allow Tehran to deal in arms exports.

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The remarks come after Defence Minister Amir Hatami said earlier this month that Iran remains among a handful of countries which are able to domestically manufacture over 90 percent of its military equipment.

“We will surely be able to export more military equipment than we need to import. Therefore, we will surely use our legal right [to sell arms] in dealing with our allies once the restrictions are lifted”, the defence minister pointed out, referring to the upcoming expiration of the UN arms embargo link.

This followed the UN Security Council (UNSC) voting “no” on a draft resolution introduced by the Trump administration to indefinitely prolong the weapons embargo against Tehran that was envisioned by the 2015 Iran nuclear deal ahead of the embargo’s 18 October expiration.

The council underlined that the resolution did not receive the required support to be adopted, as it was endorsed only by the US and the Dominican Republic, and rejected by Russia and China, with 11 other UNSC members abstaining.