High fines imposed by the Lahore Traffic Police

High fines imposed by the Lahore Traffic Police

LAHORE - Lahore High Court (LHC) has asked the traffic police to make the citizens strictly follow traffic rules and regulations. In this regard, the key order which has been given is to make people use helmet at the time of riding their bikes.

Bike riders, look out for riding bikes without helmet, now things have changed; traffic laws are necessitated to be implemented in true letter and spirit, and most important of all this is for their own safety.

After the order of Justice Akbar Ali Qureshi, the awareness campaign was initiated for ten days, as the date of this campaign expires, now the law will take its way and strict actions will be taken whoever does not follow the order.

Rs1000 as a fine will be imposed on everyone who rides bike without helmet. Interestingly, the people generally have appreciated this step and demanded the authorities to act upon it at the earliest.