Indian Army lacks the brain to fight a war: The Economist

Indian Army lacks the brain to fight a war: The Economist

LONDON: Indian Army is the second largest Army of the world in terms of  manpower and human resource. However Indian Army is stained with scandals of all types at all ranks of service.

Indian Army has been under a vigorous modernisation programme for the last two decades along with the Indian Air Force and as well as the Indian Navy.

In last one decade alone India has become the largest arm importer of the world buying weapons of all kinds ranging from Air craft carriers to recently agreed Rafael Fighters  from France.

However Indian national and international experts on defence affairs have raised their concerns over the war strategy and planning of the Indian Armed Forces.

British magazine The Economist has on Friday written that despite being the biggest importer of weaponry, India still lacks the brain to fight a war.

According to The Economist, India’s land, air and naval forces lack communication . It added that most of India’s firepower looks great only on the paper. It added that though with 2000 aircrafts Indian air force is the 4th largest of the world, only 60% of its jets are able to fly.

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The magazine also noted that a naval fleet under construction for the last 15 years is still under construction. It said that the fleet must have been completed and delivered to the Indian Armed Forces by 2010 but its construction has been delayed till 2023.

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It added that the experts were surprised at how frequently the terrorists are able to break into Indian airbases and also highlighted the role of corruption in the Indian army.


Indian Armed Forces capabilities and capacity has severely been questioned at all the national and international fora causing huge embarrassment to the tall Claims of some of the hardliners inside India.


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