US State Department reacts on American Ambassador reported meeting with Imran Khan

US State Department reacts on American Ambassador reported meeting with Imran Khan

In a recent press briefing, Matthew Miller, spokesperson for the US State Department, refrained from confirming or denying whether Ambassador Donald Blome had met Imran Khan in Adiala Jail. Miller redirected inquiries about the reported meeting to the embassy, emphasizing that they should comment on any such interactions.

While addressing the issue, Miller reiterated the United States' impartial stance regarding Pakistani politicians, stating that they do not favor any specific candidate for political office in Pakistan or any other country. He maintained a neutral position on the matter.

Moreover, Miller chose not to comment on a letter from US Congress members advocating for the cessation of military aid to Pakistan. Instead, he provided details on a substantial aid package for security forces in Balochistan.

The US government confirmed the allocation of millions of dollars for various initiatives aimed at enhancing the capabilities and services of security forces in the region.

Miller outlined the aid package, specifying that $4 million would be allocated to expand the anti-terrorist force training facility. Additionally, $2 million would be allocated to repair or replace ten flood-damaged police stations, and another $2 million would go towards constructing ten new police stations, designed to improve service accessibility for women, girls, and all Pakistanis.

An extra $250,000 in equipment was designated to enhance the protection of law enforcement officers during the course of their duties.