Big breakthrough for Pakistan in 5th Generation Stealth fighter jets acquisition

Big breakthrough for Pakistan in 5th Generation Stealth fighter jets acquisition

Pakistan and Turkiye are collaborating on the development of their fifth-generation fighter aircraft, TF-X, and sources reveal that the inaugural flight is scheduled for next month. This initiative signifies Pakistan's official entry into the stealth aircraft program with Turkish Aerospace Industries. Earlier this year, the aircraft completed its first taxiway, setting the stage for its upcoming flight.

The joint effort between Pakistan and Turkiye aims to phase out their existing F-16s and replace them with the advanced TF-X. Pakistan plans to integrate the TF-X into its air force by 2030.

The TF-X, boasting a length of 21 meters and a wingspan of 14 meters, has a takeoff weight of 27,125 kilograms and a top speed of Mach 1.8. Its combat range extends to 1,100 kilometers, with a service ceiling of 55,000 feet.

Equipped with the US-made General Electric F110 engine, the TF-X offers the option of the UK's Rolls Royce engine in case the United States raises objections. This development marks a significant advancement for the Pakistan Air Force, reintroducing twin-engine fighter jets after a prolonged period.

Beyond fighter jets, the collaborative efforts of Pakistan and Turkiye extend to the production of unmanned aerial platforms. Approximately 200 Pakistani experts are actively contributing to the TFX project.

The National Aerospace Science and Technology Park of the Pakistan Air Force is expected to play a pivotal role in driving the TFX initiative, as reported by Jane’s Defense.