WhatsApp launches two new features for users across the World

WhatsApp launches two new features for users across the World

WhatsApp has added two new security measures for Indian users. The features of Flash Calls and Message Level Reporting will provide users more security and control over how they use the popular messaging programme. Here’s a breakdown of what these qualities include.

Flash Calls is designed for new Android users or those who switch handsets frequently. People can choose to verify their phone number with an automated call rather than an SMS in either instance. This simplifies the verification procedure and eliminates the requirement for consumers to first wait for an SMS. It also ensures a higher level of security.

Users can report a specific message received on WhatsApp using the Message Level Reporting function. They can do this by long-pressing the message they want to flag and then selecting either report or block the user. This is a feature that was previously discovered in the WhatsApp beta for iOS.

These new features are in addition to WhatsApp’s existing set of safety and privacy safeguards. This includes the ability to hide a user’s profile image, last seen, and other information from certain people, as well as the ability to block someone who may be annoying and two-step verification (2FA).

Aside from that, the messaging platform has added mechanisms that limit the propagation of bogus news on the app, so ensuring user safety.