PTI warns of protests in case of non implementation of laws

PTI warns of protests in case of non implementation of laws

ISLAMABAD: Special Assistant to Prime Minister on Political Communication Dr Shahbaz Gill on Tuesday threatened that a protest would be staged outside the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP)’s office if it did not implement the law related to overseas Pakistanis in 90 days.

“Prime Minister Imran Khan fulfilled his promise and gave overseas Pakistanis the right to vote. So, the ECP should also grant overseas Pakistanis the right to vote within 90 days,” Shahbaz Gill said while addressing media in Islamabad.

He said they would stage a protest and go on a hunger strike, but would not withdraw from the right to vote. He asked the election commission to not to be influenced by any propaganda.

The PM’s aide added that the PML-N said that overseas Pakistanis had no understanding of the local politics. He said overseas Pakistanis invested money from abroad in Pakistan.

“When overseas Pakistanis host PML-N leaders, it is called investment and when they ask for the right to vote, then the PML-N leaders forget the investment,” he said taking a dig at the leaders of the opposition party for opposing the legislation related to the overseas Pakistanis’ right to vote.

Shahbaz Gill said he had been abroad for about a decade, so he fully understood the pain of overseas Pakistanis.