PM Imran Khan officially launches track and trace system in FBR

PM Imran Khan officially launches track and trace system in FBR

ISLAMABAD: Prime Minister Imran Khan on Tuesday said that the state cannot sustainably function according to its potential without developing a tax culture.

Speaking at a ceremony hosted by the Federal Board of Revenue (FBR) on the official inauguration of Track and Trace System, the premier appreciated FBR for heading towards a milestone of achieving Rs6,000 billion in tax collection.

“Half of the tax collection goes into paying foreign loans, we get to spend only the remaining half on human development,” he lamented.

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PM Imran said that our survival is dependent on FBR, tax collection is a matter of national security now. “

I am convinced that as we continue to gain the confidence of the masses, it will get easier for us to collect taxes,” he said.

“We are one of the five most charitable countries. The day we link our future with tax collection. I am convinced that we will hit our targets,” the premier added.

Imran criticised the previous governments for lavishly spending from the national exchequer without any consideration on foreign trips.

In an earlier statement, the FBR claimed: “This spectacular performance at the outset of the year shows that [the] FBR is well on its way to achieving the assigned target of Rs5.829 trillion for the year, despite the daunting challenges, compelling constraints posed by the coronavirus pandemic, and sporadic tax cuts announced by the government as relief and price stabilisation measures.”

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Finance prepared a revenue forecast for FY 2021/22 is applying the buoyancy estimates and projected respective macroeconomic indicators for Rs5.336 trillion.