Pakistan government released 100 TTP prisoners in exchange of ceasefire

Pakistan government released 100 TTP prisoners in exchange of ceasefire

PESHAWAR – Pakistan government has freed over 100 Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan prisoners after the militant group agreed to a one-month ceasefire, *Express Tribune* reported.

The report link that many of the freed detainees were undergoing rehabilitation at the internment centers formed by the government while some of the inmates have not completed the mandatory de-radicalization programme.

Speaking on the condition of anonymity, the officials told the news outlet that the militants were not released in wake of any demand from the banned outfit, and were released as a ‘goodwill gesture’.

A report of the state broadcaster quoting the federal Information Minister said Pakistan and banned TTP have agreed on a ceasefire. The ruling party minister said the focus of the agreement was on “state sovereignty, national security, peace, social and economic stability in the areas concerned”.

Both sides also formed committees to take the process forward and try to convert the ceasefire into a permanent peace deal.

Earlier, Supreme Court grilled PM Imran Khan during the hearing on the 2014 terror attack for bringing those guilty to the negotiating table while the recent development also sparked controversy as many questioned the contentious move of the incumbent government.

Meanwhile, a recent report cited that TTP wants to open a political office in a third country as a part of one of the three demands the banned outfit made to Pakistani authorities during their initial talks.

It was earlier reported that the Taliban government in Kabul facilitated the temporary truce between Pakistan and the banned outfit which could be potentially be extended.