Electricity crisis worsens further in Pakistan

Electricity crisis worsens further in Pakistan

*LAHORE: The electricity crisis in the country has worsened as the power shortfall reached 5,271 megawatts (MW). *

According to sources, the power supply in the country remained at 20,229 MW against a demand of 25,500 MW. The duration of loadshedding has increased across the country.

As per sources within the energy ministry, Pakistan generated 5,940 MW of electricity from hydropower sources, while the power generation from the private sector stood at 9,858 MW. The generation from the government Thermal plants is 1,190 MW.

Furthermore, the generation from windpower plants is 689 MW and from Solar Plants, the generation is 120 MW.

Power plants operating on Bagasse are producing 166 MW of electricity while nuclear reactors are generating 2,274 MW of electricity, they said and added that the shortfall has led to upto 16 hours of loadshedding in the country.