Sushmita Sen narrates shocking incident of sexual assault

Sushmita Sen narrates shocking incident of sexual assault

*NEW DELHI: Former Miss Universe, Sushmita Sen has narrated a shocking incident of sexual assault attempted by a teenage boy. *Addressing the event in Delhi, Sushmita talked about how a 15-year-old boy tried to misbehave with her at an award function. The actress revealed that despite having bodyguards, the female celebrities often face sexual abuse.

The former beauty queen’s revelation might shock many but is also relatable for some. The sexual assault culprits do not belong to any age group, saying; "we’ve had enough juveniles who’re being tried and often go scot-free."

She was reported to have recalled an incident with a 15-year-old boy, saying; “Six months ago at an award function, a fifteen-year-old boy misbehaved with me as he thought I wouldn’t realize because of the crowd around. But, he was wrong. I grabbed his hand from my behind and I was shocked to see he was so young.”

The actress said how the boy refused to acknowledge his mistake and she ensured that he realised that she wasn’t letting him off, not without an apology. Sushmita added that after seeking apology the culprit even said; “I promise it will never happen.”

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