Canadian PM Justin Trudeau apologised to the Nation

Canadian PM Justin Trudeau apologised to the Nation

ISLAMABAD - Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau had to apologise in the House of Commons because he was caught eating.

During the voting process in Canada’s Parliament, Prime Minister Trudeau and other ministers were called out by the opposition for eating which is not permitted in Parliament.

“Mr Speaker we all know that the rules of the House do not permit us to eat in this place and I can’t help but observing that during the last vote a number of people were eating in their seats, including the minister of defence, the minister of Canadian heritage and the prime minister, who appeared to be hiding a bagel in his desk. Mr Speaker, the prime minister has already strained this place with corruption. He does not need to stain it with mustard as well,” said Conservative MP Scott Reid.

This led to Trudeau issuing an apology. “Indeed Mr Speaker I apologise. It was a chocolate bar, but I apologise.”