Top Afghan official admits India using Afghan soil against Pakistan

Top Afghan official admits India using Afghan soil against Pakistan

KABUL - The Afghan government on Thursday raised concerns about remarks made by the head of the National Solidarity Movement of Afghanistan <link> , Sayed Ishaq Gailani.*

Gailani said at a recent meeting in Islamabad that the Afghan government provides the context for India to interfere in Pakistan using Afghanistan <link> soil.

The Directorate of National Security (NDS) said Gailani’s remarks had been against Afghanistan’s interests and that the matter would be referred to judicial departments for investigation.

“Afghanistan soil will be used against no country and we expect the same from other countries,” the president’s deputy spokesman Dawa Khan Minapal said.

“India use Afghanistan <link> and use its soil against Pakistan. There is no doubt about this. They do this and why has this context been provided to them? Why has such a condition come that Afghan government and a number of people provide the situation for India to interfere in Pakistan,” said Gailani.

Gailani’s remarks come at a time that the US has increased pressure on Pakistan over providing safe havens to insurgent groups.

Speaking in Islamabad, Ghailani said he lived in Pakistan for 26 years and two of his daughters live there. He said Pakistan was like his second home.

He went on to say the current war by the Taliban against foreign forces was no different to the war fought by Mujahideen against the Soviet Union.

“Afghan Taliban fight against the US and we should respect them. We should not see them as bad people although they are being called insurgents. They are in a condition that we were in. We were fighting against the Russians and they fight against the Americans,” Gailani said.